Wedding Cake for                                                        Wedding Date:     /   /    

(      )        -                                                                  Ceremony Time:                 


          servings @ $2.00/serving                                    Subtotal:         $

$50 delivery and set up fee:                                                                   $  50.00

                                                                                    Total:                     $      .

Tiers:                                                                          Deposit              -  $      .     

Keeping top tier:      Y   N                                         Balance Due        $       .


Stacked or Floating:                                             If floating, what kind of pillars:                                   

Flavors:               Top:                                                    Suggested:       









Able to access reception hall @ __:__ am/pm


Reception Address: 




Note:  We do not provide the cake knife or lifter.

           We do not provide champagne flutes.

           We do not provide a cake cutting service.



Signature of Responsible Party



Signature of K & K Representative

Wedding Cake Contract

K & K Creations

1.   There is a 50% deposit due no later than 2 months prior to the wedding date.

2.   Balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding if paying by check and 1 week prior to the wedding if paying cash.

3.   All cake plates, pillars, stands, etc. must be returned within two weeks following the wedding.  If you would like to keep the equipment you must tell us ahead of time and the cost will be added to your total bill.

4.   Once the cake is set up at the reception site, we are no longer responsible for any damage it may incur.  We will have someone sign accepting the cake and a photograph will be taken.

5.   There is a minimum 1 week notice for cancellation of your cake.  If you do not give this notice, all deposits will be forfeit.


________________        _________________

Signature of Responsible Party                     Signature of K & K Representative

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